Corporate Culture

- The sale is the sale of my heart.
- Honest strategy is the best strategy.
- Competition key characteristics, the characteristics of the core brand, brand protection culture, the source of cultural history.
- To maximize the interests of customers is our eternal pursuit.
- How to create customer value outside of the products is our eternal topics.
- Learning is a fundamental, team support, culture is the core, the atmosphere is to protect, and the ultimate goal is to generate productivity and increase productivity.
- Ability to learn, application capacity development capacity.
- The knitwear as works of art to make love, publicity.
- Spring Star staff today, tomorrow is the master of wealth.
- Is thought to yourself, because your ability is also small;
- The reason that your own is very small, because of your ability to grow up.
Employing the concept:
- Talent is capital, knowledge is wealth;
- Talent is a carrier of knowledge, knowledge is the connotation of talent;
- Knowledge is the intangible wealth, talent, enterprise immeasurable capital.
- Talent is the only asset preservation and its value-added protection.
- Enterprises not only to the employer, but also to educate people and change people.
Management philosophy:
- Management is service leadership is a public servant.
- Accept others criticism takes courage, takes more courage to criticize others.
- Managers have a very important function is to help workers to grow.
- The courage to take responsibility is a high quality performance, especially managers.
- Management of effort beyond management. In addition to the essential business capabilities, and more importantly, "Germany", "Quality". The Weide CD elite to convince the people.
- Good leadership, is to better services for their own subordinates; make the employees work service is.
- How to help others? As a precondition to love others, supported by appropriate policies.
- From experience the value of life of devotion to the cause.

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